Do I need to have any musical experience e.g. playing piano or another instrument, before starting guitar lessons?
Absolutely not, over half of my current guitar students have no musical background whatsoever.

Which guitar should I buy?
Budget constraints are often an issue when buying a new guitar, but it's much better to pay a little more for a well known brand e.g. Fender, Yamaha, Takamine than something marginally cheaper at Argos. If buying an acoustic guitar, many younger students seem to prefer a nylon stringed instrument as it's generally easier on the fingers.

Will my dad's battered old acoustic in the loft do?
Possibly! It may need restringing or adjusting however, so my advice would be to bring the guitar to your first lesson for a check over.

How much will I have to practice?
Obviously the more time you spend practicing the quicker you will improve, however I'm aware that every student has a busy life with plenty of other commitments. The advice I give is to practice a little a day, every day (and not cram a week's guitar practice into one three hour session!) Consistency is the key.

Do I have to commit to guitar lessons for a set amount of time?
Guitar lessons are weekly but there is no commitment for you to continue with the lessons if you wish to cancel the tuition at any time.